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WhatsApp’s top privacy, security features its 2 billion users must know
20 Feb 2020
There’s more to WhatsApp than just end-to-end encryption. Here’s how WhatsApp users can keep their accounts secure and p...
20 Feb 2020

98% of Android applications that spy on users’ calls and texts were banned from the Play Store in 2019, Google announced. The Mo...

After Blue Whale, this new challenge on TikTok may be new ‘problem’ for parents: 7 things to know
19 Feb 2020

After Blue Whale, this new challenge on TikTok may be new ‘problem’ for parents: 7 things to know

Samsung launches power banks with multiple USB Type-C ports and 25W fast charging
19 Feb 2020

Samsung just announced the new Galaxy S20 series, Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Buds+ at their annual event. However, it looks like the Kor...

Google Earth adds 1,000 breathtaking wallpapers you can download for free
17 Feb 2020
Google Earth has added over 1,000 more images to its gallery, taking the number up to 2,500
Google’s Gboard introduces Emoji Kitchen, a tool to mash up emojis to use as stickers
14 Feb 2020

If you’ve ever felt like there just weren’t enough emoji options to express how you’re feeling, a new addition to Go...

Redmi launches 2 new power banks with two-way fast charging
13 Feb 2020
Alongside the new Redmi 8A Dual, Redmi introduced its own set of power banks for the Indian market. They come in 10,000mAh and 20,00...
Linux-based Windows 12 Lite is
13 Feb 2020

Windows 10 users have had a tough time of it lately, with updates causing all manner of problems, as well as the search function stopp...

How a maths problem changed the world
13 Feb 2020

Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest man who in the last 10 years has seen his wealth grow exponentially. Wh...

This Indian Genius Created Roads With Plastic Waste, Now Entire World Uses His Technique
13 Feb 2020

We know plastic takes forever to degrade and disappear from our environment. Our waste dumping grounds are full of them, with no more ...


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